Obieg faktury kosztowej OCR

Automatic Invoice Data Recognition – OCR

The system automatically reads information from scanned invoices (invoice number, client, date of issuing, date of sale, numerical values, etc.), which makes working more effective, increases the quality of document handling, and eliminates human error.

Introducing the system, even for large amounts of invoices, and processing invoices through it will reduce costs by 75%.

We use the Scanye OCR engine, which ensures precise data conversion.

Cost Invoice Evidence

The Enovatio system gives you fast access to the invoice register and a quick view without opening specific files.

Due to our advanced filters, you may search and sort documents according to specific requirements.

A list of invoices includes most important information about a document, such as dates, amounts, status, etc.

Cost Invoice Evidence

Cost Invoice Description

Describing a cost invoice is fast and intuitive due to the OCR function. A selected person makes a preliminary assignment of different cost types and centers while having all the information integrated with RPF systems. Thanks to that, the process of describing and accepting costs will be significantly shortened.

Monitoring Processes and Alerts

In the Finance and Accounting Department, all registered and processed cost invoices are visible together with their history of acceptance and changes. The cost invoice circulation system gives automatic reminders about closing payment deadlines and overdue invoices.

All data from the documents may be used for creating reports and financial and statistical analyses for management.

Akceptacja faktury kosztowej
Konfigurator formularzy w systemie obiegu dokumentów

Security, Defining Access

The cost invoice circulation system has a number of security features for users and archived documents. The change log and authorization definition eliminates situations where documents would be given to “an unauthorized person”. Authorization can be given for both groups and individual users. The platform assures confidentiality of processed dataaccepting costs will be significantly shortened.

Integration with RPF and Enovatio Systems

The cost invoice circulation system integrates and exchanges information with other RPF systems such as: Sage Symfonia Premium/Forte, CDN Optima/XL, Tetra Line.500, Humansoft Hermes SQL, QAD, Microsoft Axapta, SAP, and others. Cost invoice circulation can be upgraded at any time with different Enovatio modules in such a way that cost documents can be assigned for projects, tasks, or tickets.

Integracja elektronicznego obiegu dokumentów z ERP
Effective project management and implementation in a specific time, in accordance with the specification.
Automation of business processes. Efficient document management and correct information flow.
Fast registration and application support. Transparency of reported problems, monitoring, reporting, SLA and time recording.