Projects, budgets

Enovatio Projects

All tools in one for more effective cooperation, efficient project management and financial control.

11,50 ‎€

Document Management

Enovatio Workflow

A system for efficient workflow, reduction of time, costs and errors related to document processing.

9,50 €

Support Tickets

Enovatio Workflow

A system supporting fast problem solving by an integrated and organized team.

9,50 €


Do you need additional functionalities in the system, e.g. HR applications, needs, resources?

Order them from the Marketplace.

Net monthly fee per user for the annual commitment period.
Minimum number of users: 5.

Enovatio ProjectsEnovatio WorkflowEnovatio HelpdeskMarketplace
CMS & Wiki
Simple CRM
To-do list
Work time
Workflow engine
Categories and products
Integration with Office365, MS Exchange
Document generator
Workflow designer + form designer
API (integration)
Project managementEnovatio ProjectsEnovatio WorkflowEnovatio HelpdeskMarketplace
Projects (adding a project, team, tasks list, Gantt chart, files, documents)
Assigning hours to a person / resource in planning
Project type choose
Gantt chart of many projects
Document workflowEnovatio ProjectsEnovatio WorkflowEnovatio HelpdeskMarketplace
Office (general circulation)
Enovatio Scanner mobile application
Payments to the bank
Sales orders
Vacation requests
Delegations and application for business trip
Employee e-files
Integrator for downloading contractors, chart of accounts etc.
Helpdesk systemEnovatio ProjectsEnovatio WorkflowEnovatio HelpdeskMarketplace
Helpdesk (consultant)
Tickets via e-mail
Helpdesk (view for 100 customers)


Access to the demo version, no fee is collected. Before the end of the trial period, we will contact you in order to get to know your opinion on whether the Enovatio system meets the needs of your company. If you need assistance, contact us by calling +48 22 741 11 55 or

Yes. In order to change or expand the system with further modules contact us. The Sales Department will agree with you on the details of further cooperation, which will be finally recorded in the form of an Annex to the Order Form.

Protection of customer data and intellectual rights is very important for us. Customer data are stored on servers equipped with professional power support systems. Back-up copies of personal data are created to additionally protect against their loss, according to the hosting option as specified in the Order Form.

All data kept by Enovatio are protected, from the moment of their appearance in the Enovatio Cloud System, against interference from the outside and against unauthorised internal access (i.e. against access of unauthorised employees of Enovatio).

We undertake to filter data by means of “firewalls” to protect them against unauthorized access.

Detailed conditions of provision of the Enovatio Cloud Service are contained in the Terms and Conditions and in the Order Form that the Customer receives before commencement of the service. The Terms and Conditions are available on this website.

Technical support in the Enovatio Cloud model during the effective term of the contract covers:

  • Remote handling of customer notifications
  • Free system updates
  • Continued operation of the service for 99% of working hours in a month
  • Storage of data saved in the system on safe servers
  • Creation of data back-ups, which are made to additionally protect against data loss
  • The stored data are protected, from the moment of their appearance in the Enovatio Cloud application, against interference from the outside and against unauthorized internal access

The implementation contract covers constant technical support for the period of 1 year. After this period, the support service is available under the maintenance contract.

Technical support in the on-premise model covers:

  • Remote assistance in installation, configuration of upgrades, adaptation and repair of other aspects related to using the system
  • Maximum response time to customer notifications is 4 working hours in the case of notifying of a critical error and 8 working hours in the case of notifying of a regular error
  • Maximum repair time of an error reported by the customer is 48h in the case of notifying of a critical error and 48 working hours in the case of notifying of a regular error
  • Constant tracking of changes in operating systems and database systems pertaining to software
  • Right to update the system

By default, every cloud product has 5 GB of memory for the first 5 users. For every 5 subsequent users, an additional 1 GB of memory is added. To increase disk space, please contact our Sales Department or +48 695 560 007.

Effective project management and implementation in a specific time, in accordance with the specification.
Automation of business processes. Efficient document management and correct information flow.
Fast registration and application support. Transparency of reported problems, monitoring, reporting, SLA and time recording.