A complete project management system

A portfolio of projects will ensure that you have access to all the vital information and allow for monitoring key elements for all endeavours. Alerts, and deadline reminders sent in personalized e-mails with progress bars.

System zarzadzania projektami- karta projektu
Wykres Gantta zarządzanie projektami

Interactive Gantt’s Charts – work progress

Gnatt’s clear and easy to use charts present projects in a graphical way that includes critical path, plan, and completion. Interactive control of the schedule will allow for modification whenever it is needed to avoid overworking or overburdening employees with tasks.

Creating and completing tasks

Create unlimited numbers of tasks quickly and effectively. Prioritize them and assign roles for individual employees. Create Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and assign priorities to specific tasks in order to structure and organize your team and its work . Regular alerts will be there to remind you about overdue tasks.

Zarządzanie zadaniami w projekcie
Managing resources

Managing available resources

Manage human resources in a more effective way. Assign specific people to projects and assign them specific access based on their role. Manage material resources and monitor their use. As a result you will avoid delays and downtimes.

A centralized documents and information database

Now you can find all necessary documents (together with an option to set permissions), agreements, briefs, reports, and graphic files in one place. Connecting them with specific tasks/projects will increase worker effectiveness. Enovatio Project’s project management system  is a knowledge and documents database and a place for archiving all completed actions.

Projects lists
Risk management

Risk management

The process of risk management covers risk identification, risks analysis of a given project, action planning, and risk control. Thanks to Enovatio Projects you will mitigate the risk from the early stages of the project. As a result you will increase the quality and accuracy of business decisions which play a huge role on your way to success.

Integration with other modules

Our project management system offers integration with other Enovatio modules. You can match it with the specific needs of your company. The modules that are the most popular among our clients using Enovatio Projects are circulation of invoices and financial settlements of projects.

Integration with other modules
Effective project management and implementation in a specific time, in accordance with the specification.
Automation of business processes. Efficient document management and correct information flow.
Fast registration and application support. Transparency of reported problems, monitoring, reporting, SLA and time recording.