Document management system

Enovatio Workflow

will automate your company’s business processes and allow for efficient management of documents such as invoices, agreements, HR applications, tenders, and so on. These solutions will accelerate the circulation of documents and information in your company. You will have constant access to updated documents and related matters regardless of your location or the device you are using. The Enovatio document circulation system will reduce the time and the number of mistakes related to your company’s document processing.

workflow management system

Registering and Archiving Documents in the System

The system automatically registers documents in a specific location regardless of their input form through:

Scanning with the OCR function – digitalization with an individual number, name, and date.

  • E-mail
  • Your computer’s hard drive
  • Enovatio Scanner app

After the document is accepted, it is saved in the central archive which can be monitored by the user at any time. You will be able to find documents quickly using advanced filters with fields such as name, date, or content. What is more, you will be able to see the documents without opening their metrics.

Automatyzacja obiegu dokumentów
Document Metrics

Document Metrics

Every type of documents (invoice, agreement, HR application, letter, and so on) has its own metric which is defined by assigning specific data about the document, the client, and the document’s owner. Thanks to these metrics, the person at next stage of circulation has a full history of the document. This saves time and makes it easier to understand the document.

Central Data and workflows

The system is the user’s central workplace, here, you will find: All processes and tasks to do together with dates and statuses Information about new documents and all documents assigned to the user Meetings scheduled on a specific date

  • In separate tabs: documents, workflows, reports, and a personal calendar
  • Alerts about user’s matters. The system automatically informs you about changes to a given document. It also sends e-mails which may be defined on many different levels.
Modelling and Starting Workflow Processes

Modelling and Starting Workflow Processes

You can define the circulation and acceptance path for documents according to your company’s policy or use pre-defined templates. Completion of stages of a process will be based on things such as: the supervisor’s acceptance, documents, descriptions, information, or comments. Starting processes is possible from anywhere on the site, and people taking part in those processes can always monitor them. This function makes work smoother and more effective for all of your employees.

Monitoring Document Deadlines

The system allows you to assign deadlines to a document’s circulation and show any delays in the decision-making process. Numerous alerts and personalized e-mail notifications will remind you about deadlines and the need to take action ahead of time.

Monitoring Document Deadlines
Integracja elektronicznego obiegu dokumentów z ERP

Integration and Safety

The system provides high-quality security for the database and blocks public sharing of documents. The system’s elasticity allows for integration with RPF systems such as: Sage Symfonia Premium/Forte, CDN Optima/XL, Tetra Line.500, Humansoft Hermes SQL, QAD, Microsoft Axapta, SAP, and others. Moreover, the system can be upgraded with more Enovatio modules at any time. These include: project management, budgets, CRM, or request management. Using those modules, you can have an advanced corporate website that makes work organization and management more effective, while at the same time reducing costs and increasing the quality of Customer Support.

Effective project management and implementation in a specific time, in accordance with the specification.
Automation of business processes. Efficient document management and correct information flow.
Fast registration and application support. Transparency of reported problems, monitoring, reporting, SLA and time recording.