enables a seamless transition from deployment to software. What is it about?

Cloud solution

  • Data saved in the system is stored on secure servers while backups provide additional protection against loss.
  • All stored data will be protected from the moment they enter the Enovatio Cloud application, which is protected against unauthorized intrusion and unauthorized internal access.
  • We ensure continuity of service in 99% of the business hours per month.
  • Remote handling of customer communications.
  • Free system updates

The on-premises solution

  • Remote support for installation, upgrade setup, adaptation, and other fixes related to system usage
  • Maximum response time for a customer request is 4 working hours for critical errors and 8 working hours for ordinary error reporting.
  • Maximum response time for customer error is 48 hours for critical errors and 48 hours for normal errors.
  • Full-time tracking of changes in operating systems and database-related software.
  • The right to update the system
Effective project management and implementation in a specific time, in accordance with the specification.
Automation of business processes. Efficient document management and correct information flow.
Fast registration and application support. Transparency of reported problems, monitoring, reporting, SLA and time recording.